Alexandra Middleton
Bossley Park

Fantastic Ads, Inform residents frequently in every little detail. Now everyone gets outstanding treatment in all trading opportunities regularly.

Steve Corrigan
St John's Park

The magazine informs you of offers that may not be advertised in other media forms.

Thomas Shakir
Edensor Park

It has free vouchers and keeps me up to date on things I need to buy and gives me discounts.

Van Duong
Canley Heights
The Fairfield Negotiator magazine has beautiful and colourful advertisement pages and good contents. The book has also captured the eyes of everyone that is simple to save money. Shops are ranging from food/dining, health, electrical and fashion etc…the site can access 24h a day. That’s what I like about Fairfield Negotiator.
Samantha Rijona
Bonnyrigg Heights
I love the Fairfield Negotiator because you always give vouchers and discounts in Bonnyrigg Plaza, which is my local shopping centre. I also like nmag because you always have prizes to win and always encourage my family to buy more things from your vouchers. That’s why I love nmag.
John Wilks
I love reading. So anything interests me but not everything I read tells me where to buy the best products for the best price and that’s what I love most about the Fairfield Negotiator.
Paloma Campos
I really like it because it shows da local shops with their advertisements, with great offers. The magazine has lovely colours, attractive logos and it’s a great size to carry. The best thing is dat is based in Fairfield about Fairfield.
Patricia Fagan
Easy to read, up to date information magazine, great bargains with plenty of choice available to all ages, presentation easy on the eyes and compact for carry use, great asset.
Marvin Iraheta
Edensor Park
What I love about the magazine is that it has a lot of helpful information for bargain and shops. I do love the presentation and the size is very handy.
Tomas Osten
Canley Vale

The amazing savings on so many items and variety because not everyone can afford everything so savings can make it easier for people who can afford it.