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Testimonials From Our Advertisers

  • Starfish: Learn to swim

    I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our decision to advertise in The Negotiator. We had previously tried the local papers, letterbox delivery and also an information day at Stockland Shopping Centre together with advertisements in local school newsletters, all of which were marginal at best.

    We ran our first advertisement with you in March 2006 and received more renmags.comsponse in that month than all our other efforts combined. This was continued in April and May with similar results.

    Even in winter with only small ads, we continued to receive enquiries from new customers, (no mean feat for that time of year).

    Our Summer Promotion started in September with a full page in The Negotiator.The response has been beyond anything we could have hoped for (86% increase) in just one month. October has just come out and it appears to be just as good at this stage, so keep up the great work!

    I sincerely recommend The Negotiator as a cost effective, professional, quality media for any business to promote itself in the Fairfield/ Wetherill Park area.

    Sandra Robb
    Swim Coordinator

    Rod Cooper

  • Wizard

    In terms of response, without doubt the best media publication. If you don’t believe me call me.

    Bill Khan
    Wizard Home Improvements
    Ph: (02) 9897 0300

  • Go Vita

    My name is Tony Caruso Managing Director of Go Vita Fairfield.

    Advertising has always played a very big part in the success of our business and i am always looking for new ways to bring customers into our store.

    The Negotiator is an excellent marketing tool that works for me and I can personally recommend it anyone who wants extra business and potential new customers. If you have a good product or service to sell, dont wait for customers to find you...Drive them in with The Negotiator...It works for me!

    Tony Caruso
    Managing Director

  • UltraTune

    In the competitive world of motor vehicle maintenance and service it is important to maintain a quality profile through advertising in trade magazines and local press. It is also very important to ensure that the advertising is cost effective.

    As The Negotiator magazine is printed on high quality paper in full gloss colour and distributed to the households of my potential customers I decided it was worth a trial campaign. It also fulfilled the cost effective criteria as well.Since the start of my campaign the response was good and has actually increased the longer we have been in the magazine.

    I believe The Negotiator magazine is a cost effective method of reaching my potential customers, I recommend it to any potential business.

    Allan Gray


  • Norwest Dental Care

    We wanted to let you know how much our ad in The Negotiator has worked out so well. In fact the coupon advice was a bright idea to track down how many customers are coming from reading the magazine .

    When we compare the outcome of different advertisements , The Negotiator really stands out. In short it is a great value for money medium. On behalf of all the staff here at Norwest Dental Care we thank all the team at the Negotiator for their effort in bringing out such nice work and great results.

    Ash Beshai

  • Fairfield Cosmetic & Laser Clinic

    Having been involved in the highly competitive market of Laser Hair Removal for the past 5 years we have tried nearly all forms advertising without getting the desired results, because of this we had virtually given up on advertising.

    When we were approached by the Fairfield Negotiator Magazine we were a bit hesitant with trying it, as nothing has really worked for us in the past we signed up for one edition and after the first 2 weeks needless to say, the response impressed us way beyond our expectations. The Fairfield Negotiator gave us the edge on our competition.

    We can also honestly say that our client base has expanded through advertising with the Fairfield Negotiator.

    Fairfield Cosmetic & Laser Clinic

  • Tranquility Hair

    Can I start by saying that after being introduced to The Negotiator Magazine I was immediately impressed with the way in which I was approached and the friendly service that I received. After placing a full page advertisement in The Negotiator Magazine the response was immediate, having at least 4 to 6 calls a day and, needless to say, this response impressed us way beyond our expectations.

    Previous to advertising in The Negotiator I had advertised in the local newspaper but found that the results were nowhere near as effective. Our advertising costs were broken up over the month so we actually paid less per week to advertise in the Negotiator while enjoying a better response and getting a full page to boot! I can also gladly say that my client base has expanded through advertising with the Fairfield Negotiator.

    Overall I would like to thank The Negotiator for improving my business and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any other businesses. Keep up the good work guys!

    Taline Boyjian


  • Smart Choice Furniture

    Response, Response, Response it’s that simple. If anyone has any ambition of increasing their business then the Negotiator is quite simply the best. After trying many different avenues of advertising including pamphlets and local newspapers we found the response that we were receiving was not even coming close to getting the money back that we had invested.

    We then tried the Fairfield Negotiator Magazine and were blown away by how many people read and actually respond to the deals in this magazine, including ours, not just enquiring but most importantly PURCHASING!!! From one business owner to another jump aboard the Negotiator road to success as soon as you can.

    Smart Choice Furniture

  • Pizza Hut

    After recently purchasing the Fairfield Heights Pizza Hut franchise I knew it was very important to spend my marketing dollars wisely. After seeing that the quality of the Fairfield Negotiator Magazine was far superior to any other local publication, I didn’t hesitate in giving it a go and well, the results spoke for themselves.

    The response was immediate with stacks of coupons pouring in over the first few days the magazines went out, but the thing that astounded me was how long people actually hung on to and used the deals in this quality magazine. I have actually seen quite a few people in the local area walking around with the magazine under their arms and have even been guilty of using some of the great deals in the magazine myself.

    As with any type of marketing the most important aspect is response, and the Fairfield Negotiator Magazine is by far the greatest return for investment that we can do on a local scale, this includes both local media print and direct mail. I would not hesitate in recommending this publication to any business.

    Ali Ibrahim
    Franchisee, Pizza Hut Fairfield Heights

  • Solartint

    Having only been in business 7 months (June 05 – Jan 06) I was unsure when I first started how to attack the public with advertising… I started with the usual newspapers and mailing out flyers but as I found out that newspapers are read once and then thrown out….when I was approached by Wayne and he showed me a sample of the negotiator it itself sold me, as this was a magazine that would not be thrown out in the first half an hour and had potential to stay in homes a lot longer thus given people and their friends time to read it and make their choice on which service they would use…

    When I first started advertising in this magazine I could see how many more phone calls and enquiries were coming through as each person would mention ' I saw your ad in the negotiator '. With this being my first business and pretty much my bread and butter I recommend this advertising medium to any other business out there that wishes to generate more income…

    James Lopez
    Solartint, Wetherill Park

  • Mitre 10

    We have being servicing the people of Smithfield and surrounding areas for nearly thirty years.

    As a Mitre 10 store we enjoy powerful market recognition because of a strong ongoing national marketing campaign.

    As a local business it is important for our clients to recognise as a family business they have grown to trust after many after many years of good service.

    We need to maintain our integrity as the guys that own the store run the store.

    The Negotiator has given us another avenue to promote to our loyal customers that we are the truly local business where they can continue to get prices as good as anywhere else coupled with the highest level of service. Good luck guys

    Renzo and Amos Valleri
    Mitre 10

  • The Sure Thing

    Advertising in the Negotiator has been a great success. Having tried nearly all forms of advertising, I found the Negotiator Magazine to be the most effective by far. The coupon system is a great way to monitor the success of the advertising whilst being user friendly for the consumer.

    I would not hesitate recommending the Negotiator to any business who needs a big boost in sales in these tough times. Forget the other Types of marketing- THE NEGOTIATOR IS THE WAY TO GO!

    Sure thing

  • Video Ezy

    The Negotiator Magazine has not only been great magazine for the community but also a great help for the local businesses, Being the manager of Video Ezy at Bonnyrigg, the Negotiator has helped in creating awareness of the business as well giving incentive for the customers to visit the store.

    The Negotiator Magazine has enabled our customer base to expand as well as increasing the number of members joining up for the first time. Thanks Negotiator Magazine.

    Video Ezy Bonnyrigg

  • Iwasco Perfume & Gifts

    At first I was a bit hesitant with trying the Negotiator as it was something new but after our first edition I would not question it ever again. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Negotiator Magazine and would not hesitate in recommending this Magazine to any other local businesses as the results that it has given my business have been fantastic.

    Khalid Iwas
    Iwasco Perfume & Gifts

  • McDonalds

    I have been involved in McDonalds for over 30 years through the ownership of two restaurants, and with McDonalds being such a large organisation we recognise the importance of having to be able to gauge the success of any local marketing campaign. Bearing this in mind I found the Negotiator Magazine the ideal vehicle to promote our business on a local scale as it is of the highest quality and we can actively seek our return on investment.

    Having recently embarked upon a successful campaign with the Fairfield Negotiator Magazine in the latter part of 2006 the response was outstanding, to the point whereby I had to put extra staff in one of the restaurants to cater for the extra traffic.

    The coupon drive through the magazine directly resulted in a 4-5% increase in turnover which certainly was well above my expectations. I would highly recommend the Fairfield Negotiator Magazine to any other organisation, small or large.

    Alex Lee
    McDonalds Wetherill Park & Fairfield